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The Little Mermaid Scrapbooking Premade Page Album

Take a scrapbooking trip under the sea with these Little Mermaid Ariel Princess scrapbooking premade pages.

Although the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale was first published nearly 200 years ago, the version of the Little Mermaid that most people have ingrained in their minds is that of the hugely successful Disney animated film that started the Disney Renaissance of the late 80s and early 90s. This is another one of my daughters favorite Disney movies, and With the hopes of a live-action Disney remake movie to be released, this inspired me to create this premade page Album.

If your children are big fans of the Disney Princesses this would be one of many great Albums for scrapping and creating a keepsake photo book, With mermaids and Disney being a huge fad with girls right now this page album would be a perfect fit for scrapbooking all those memories. These are also great for scrapbooking those Magical Kingdom, Disneyland vacation photos or for scrapping Ariel The Little Mermaid themed birthday party memories. Also, Check out my store for more Disney inspired pages and many other Disney Princess Albums.

The Little Mermaid, the positive and seemingly observable message is that Ariel is an innocent mermaid who is fascinated with the idea of life on land and being a human. We see a clear representation of her curiosity with human culture whenever she sings the song, “Part of Your World.” This song emphasizes the glorification with being a human. Ariel also spends time exploring with her friends, finding human treasures that cause her to question human culture even more. It is her curiosity that leads her to want the experience of life as a human.


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