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Pixel Scrapper - November 2018 Blog Train - Family Traditions

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for stopping over to my blog. I just joined Pixel Scrapper a few days ago and am excited to get back into creating kits. Over the last few years I had many hardships that caused me to have to give up on digital designing. I am now able to start getting back into what I love doing.

When I came across Pixel Scrapper I found the Blog Train forum and thought this would be a great way to get me back into creating digital kits and other digital items. I started creating a blog Train contribution for October - I DIG IT, when I went to post link for everyone to enjoy, I found that the thread had already been locked, I guess being new to the site I will learn these things. But, I would still love to offer my portion of the October Blog Train - I DIG IT. If you would like to add this contribution to your collection please head to my post for downloading.

I then realized I was running out of time to get Novembers Blog Train contribution created and ready for everyone to enjoy. My inspiration for this kit was centered around family and love and the traditions everyone does to celebrate. I hope you enjoy what I have created and can't wait to finish the kit for December with more time to work on this one I hope to contribute a little bigger portion.

Thank you for stopping by and hope you will be back again.

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2 comentarios

Love the flowers, Shading is great.

Me gusta

What a beautiful kit, Amber. I really love the textures. Thank you!

Me gusta
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