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Mickey Mouse Digital Scrapbooking

Hello to all the scrapbookers out there!

In case you missed it, Mickey just Hit the BIG 90 on November 18th.

To celebrate I created this Mickey Mouse and Friends Clubhouse themed kit.

Whether you are new to scrapbooking or a veteran, whether you like 'traditional' or digital, there is just something exciting about Disney scrapbooking!

But don't stop there, These digital paper designs and pieces are great for a variety of craft projects not just scrapbooking. They are great for card making, jewelry, paper crafts, Printed Papers, Wall deco, Decoupage Designs, School activities, Embroidery Patterns and so much more. This kit and papers are great for printing and creating Disney themed crafts or to use in your traditional scrapbooking.

I am sure many of you have taken tons of pictures and bring home mounds of memorabilia from your Walt Disney World and Disneyland trips. You did this with the intent of preserving those memories; You wanted to capture your children as little ones full of wonder or a trip with your parents, maybe a special celebration you had, or a Honeymoon, even a School trip, etc. But in the end those photos never left your computer and the memorabilia you collected continues to sit in a box.

Today it is easier than ever to take pictures. With the inexpensive cameras, camcorders, and camera phones there are close to 30 billion pictures taken annually. Out of those only about a third ever gets printed. Technology and our busy lifestyles have won. It’s not that the pictures are any less important, it’s that we are overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. But don’t lose hope.

With this new kit creating a memory book will be easy. This kit has over 180 papers and tons of elements making it easy to create a so many different page designs for all your photos.

Are you interested in having the pages created for you, Keep an eye out for soon to be added premade Mickey & friends themed page albums, to make scrapping those memories in no time. Get this kit to add to already made pages. Or maybe you are interested in only Mickey themed papers, I have many Disney Character themed paper packs available.


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